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IR0019 Thermal Camera

IR0019 Thermal Camera

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  • Thermal Imaging Camera 

    High thermal resolution camera the IR0019 design follows the traditional handheld design with textured hand grip with surpassed thermal vision to instantly find thermal problems not matter the size.

    The large 3.2” display screens enables users to see thermal problems in great precision saving the inspector time on locating problems and reducing potential damage to the problems area in order to implement a lasting solution.

    PerfectPrime aims to provide high quality thermal cameras at a fair price to the market.

    • 3.2 in. TFT Display
    • 320 x 240 (76,800) Thermal Resolution
    • Temperature Range from -4°F to 572°F (-20°C to 300°C)
    • 5 Color palettes to option
    • Rechargeable Li ion Battery
    • 4 GB micro SD card
    • Simple Navigation Buttons    
  • Specification Description
    Infrared image resolution  320 x 240
    Visible image resolution  640x480 (300,000 pixel)
    Field Angle/shortest focus length  27°x 35°/0.5m
    Thermal sensitivity  0.07°C
    Temperature measurement range  -20~300°C(-4°F~572°F)
    Test and measurement precision 

    ±2°C or ±2%

    Display screen  3.2" full angle TFT display screen
    Emissivity  Adjustable from 0.01 to 1.0
    Image capture frequency  9 hz
    Wavelength coverage  8-14um 
    Focus mode  Fixed
    Color palette  Spectra, iron, cool, black and white
    View option  Full infrared and full vision Visible image with 25% increments
    Storage Medium  Built-in 4 GB
    Image / Video format  JPG / MP4
    Power supply  Built-in chargeable 18650 lithium batteries
    USB  Micro USB 2.0
    Automatic power-off time  Selectable: 5 minutes/20 minutes do not power off automatically
    Product size(length x width x height)  90 mmx105 mmx223 mm
    Product Weight  389g
    Work temperature  0°C -50°C
    Storage temperature  -40°C +80°C
    Relative humidity  <85%RH
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  • IR0019 Thermal Camera Product Video

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Easy to use, stores picture, gives min and max temperatures.

Worked good, likedthe fact that it gives the max and min temptures on the field of view. I using it on a person it shows max and min temperature. I think its better than the forehead thermometer. Ther

PerfectPrime IR0019 Thermal Imaging Camera Review

My first encounter with professional-grade thermal imaging equipment was in 2015 when I commercially operated unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) for agricultural surveys. At that time I had acquired a 30Hz 640×512 pixel sensor specifically designed for UAV applications. I had also used this sensor for other tests and analyses, including electronic design, residential development, and home improvement applications. Using it outside of a UAV was, however, quite painful, as it just wasn’t designed to be used in a handheld environment. After testing out other lower-cost models designed for smartphones, I was quite disappointed by the image quality, handling, and integration. Neither one of the available thermal cameras satisfied my needs and expectations. I had then discovered PerfectPrime’s product lineup and liked the IR0019 with its technical specifications. Despite the resolution not being on par with my first thermal imaging camera, it is more than sufficient for my purpose. Therefore I made the decision and ordered the IR0019. What you get:
I purchased the camera directly from PerfectPrimeEU through Amazon Marketplace. It arrived in a padded envelope via FedEx, shipped from HongKong by PerfectPrime. For this reason, I had to go through the customs import process in Germany, supply proof of payment and had to pay an additional charge for import taxes and duties. In my case, however, these charges weren’t that much. This does have to be factored into the final price you pay......

Like a champ

Worked as expected and blown away with the accuracy. Some features were unexpected, such as the photo storage capability or recent captures.


So, I purchased this on a lightening deal because I like gizmos and who doesn’t need a TIC? Thermal imaging cameras are great for... well. Uh. I found where I needed insulation in the wall, I saw where the puppy peed, I saw the draft under the door, and saw that my Xbox gets up to like 130 degrees and I should shut it off every once in a while, and... I see animals outside at night lol. Took a minute learn the operation but other wise it’s a decent TIC.

Good value for money

Worked really well and met all our expectations.
It comes with a cushioned camera bag not shown on Amazon.
A nice hard carry case available as an option would be a good idea.