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IR0102 Thermal Imager Camera for Android Phones

IR0102 Thermal Imager Camera for Android Phones

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  • Thermal Imager Camera for Android Phones

    Experience a world you have never seen before with the PerfectPrime IR0102 thermal Imager camera for android smartphone. Take this thermal imager and go on an adventure or exploration the limits of its uses are your imagination. 

    Combined with your smartphone it can double up as a handy tool to check your household insulation or take it to your work and do inspections. The thermal imager camera has seen huge success and praise in the maintenance and inspection field and has been quoted as 'compact', 'easy to transport' and 'invaluable'. 

    • A low cost thermal imager for Android: Compatible cellphones only, includes USB Type C Connection (and micro USB converter). It generates thermal images in daylight or complete darkness
    • Quick and convenient tool: analyze thermal anomalies immediately before utilizing more sophisticated and powerful imagers. The IR0102 runs from your phones power and does not require batteries
    • Bridging the gap: take a step into the thermal world and expand your services with a thermal imager that can detect heat variances in all mechanical, electrical component and appliances before the problem manifests into irreparable damage
    • A powerful thermal unit: safely detect high temperatures from a distance or find a small hidden overheating component. Useful for quick detection
    • Specification: thermal sensitivity: 0. 07°C, temperature range: -4 to 572 °F, accuracy: +/- 2 % or +/- 2 °C, weight: 0. 705 ounces, viewing angle: 43° + 1°, Frame rate: 9 Hz
  • Specification Description
    IR Image Resolution  32 x 32 ,1024 pixels
    Visible Image Resolution  640x480
    Temperature Range  -4°F - 572°F (-20°C to 300 °C)
    Temperature Accuracy  +/- 2 °C or +/- 2 %
    Plug USB Type-C
    Power Supply Power Supply from external devices, such as Android phones
    Frame Rate  9Hz
    59.4mm x 30.3mm x 12mm
  • Android Mobile Compatibility

    Brand Model
    Acer Iconia One7    4.3
    ASUS Nexus 7    4.1.2
    ASUS Nexus 7    4.4.2
    ASUS Zenfone Selfie    5.0.2
    ASUS Zenfone Go TV ZB551KL    5.1
    ASUS Zenfone 3 Z017DA    6.0.1
    ASUS Zenfone 2 laser Z00AD    5
    ASUS Zenfone Zoom
    ASUS Zenfone Selfie
    ASUS Zenfone 3
    ASUS Zenfone 5
    Google Pixel    7.1
    Google Nexus 5    4.4.2
    Google Nexus 5X    6
    Google Nexus 6
    Hua Wei Nexus 6P H1512 6
    Hua Wei Nova
    Hua Wei P9 Plus
    Hua Wei Mate 8
    Hua Wei Mate 9
    Hua Wei 20 Pro
    Infocus M810
    Lenovo  MotoZ
    Lenovo  Zuk Z2
    Motorola  Nexus 6     5.0.1
    Motorola  Moto E
    OPPO R9S
    OPPO R11
    OPPO F1
    Pantech Vega Popup Note IM-A920S    4.4.2
    Pantech Vega Iron2 IM-A910K    4.4.2
    Pantech Vega Iron2 IM-A910K    4.1.2
    Pantech Vega Secret Up IM-A900S    4.4.2
    Pantech Vega Secret Up IM-A900L    4.4.2
    Pantech Vega Secret Note IM-890S    4.4.2
    Pantech Vega Secret Note IM-890L    4.4.2
    Pantech Vega Iron IM-A870L    4.4.2
    Pantech Vega No6 IM-A860L    4.4.2
    Pantech Vega No6 IM-A860S    4.1.2
    Pantech Vega R3 IM-A850L    4.1.2
    Pantech Vega R3 IM-A850S    4.1.2
    Sony Xperia Tablet SGP312    4.3
    Sony Z2
    Sony X Performance
    Sony Z5
    Sony Z3+
    Sony XA1 MTK P20    7
    Telecast Z89 Dual Z89    4.4.4
    Xiaomi Hongmi Note 3 Pro    5.1.1
    Xiaomi MI Max
    Xiaomi 4i
    Xiaomi 5
    Xiaomi 5S
    Xiaomi Note
    ZTE Axon 7
    LG V20 LG-F800L     7
    LG V10 LG-F600S    5.1
    LG G6 LG-G600S    7
    LG G5 LG-F700S    6.0.1
    LG G3 LG-D855    4.4.2
    LG G3 LG-F400S    5
    LG G3 LG-F400S    4.4.2
    LG G3 LG-F400L 4.4.2
    LG Nexus 5    4.4.2
    LG G Pro 2 LG-F350L    4.4.2
    LG G2 LG-F320S    4.4.2
    LG G2 LG-F320L    4.4.2
    LG GX LG-F310L    4.4.2
    LG Optimus G Pro LG-F240L    4.4.2
    HTC Nexus 9    5.0.1
    HTC One M8    5.0.1
    HTC 10
    HTC 10 EVO
    HTC Butterfly 2
    HTC Desire 820
    HTC Desire 816
    HTC Desire eye
    HTC Desire 10 Lifestyle
    HTC One A9
    HTC One M7
    HTC One M8   
    HTC One M9
    HTC One Max    5.0.2
    HTC E8
    Samsung Nexus 10
    Samsung Galaxy J7
    Samsung Galaxy S8 SM-G950    7
    Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930L    6.0.1
    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
    Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G9200    5.0.2
    Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900L    4.4.2
    Samsung Galaxy S5 SM-G900L    5
    Samsung Galaxy S4 SHV-E300L    4.4.2
    Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9405    4.4.4
    Samsung Galaxy S3 SHV-E210K 4.1.2
    Samsung Galaxy S3 SHV-E210L    4.3
    Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 SHV-E230L    4.4.4
    Samsung Galaxy Note Edge SM-N915L    4.4.4
    Samsung Galaxy Note 9
    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 SM-N950    7.1.1
    Samsung Galaxy Note 7 SM-N930S    6.0.1
    Samsung Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920    5.1
    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910L    4.4.4
    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900L    4.4.2
    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 SM-N900S    4.4.2
    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo SM-750L    4.3
    Samsung Galaxy Alpha SM-G850L    4.4.4
    Samsung Galaxy Mega SHV-E310L    4.4.2
    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 SHV-E250L    4.4.2
    Samsung Galaxy Note 1 SHV-E160L    4.1.2
    Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-P550    5.0.2
    Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 SM-T805    4.4.2
    Samsung Galaxy Tab
    Samsung A8
    Samsung A7
    Samsung A5
  • Download User (English) Manual
    Download User (Japanese) Manual
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    To make sure our customers are satisfied with our products, we are happy to offer a 60 days Money-Back Guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, return the product for a full refund.

    Just drop us an email at for more details about our 60 Days Money-Back Guarantee.

  • IR0102 Thermal Camera Product Video

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Works great!

This is a great value for the money. I'm glad they've made a cheaper option for the hobbyist.

Worth what I paid for it.

Personally, I like this infrared camera.
I've mostly just "played" with it up to now, but intend to use it for ghost hunting which I intend to do with my family.
Can't really complain about "bang for your buck". It works pretty well, and is worth what I paid for it. :-)

Needs powered connection.

Decent resolution. Requires a powered USB connecter. Likely won't work on low-end devices.

Better than I expected

I bought this to learn about what's available for LWIR (Long Wave InfraRed) stuff and how it's useful for to me. While the cons outnumber the pros, the pros out rank them by a lot. Learn what LWIR imaging has to do and you'll understand why there are not 10 Megapixel LWIR cameras. N.B. I have a Pixel 3 smart phone.

Pro: Cheap. Inexpensive, too. Well worth the price.

Pro: Software installed fine, pretty much started up okay. (It asked which camera to use, there was only one choice!)

Pro: The imager display is smoothed pretty well. I was afraid it would be a highly pixelated 32x32 display.

Pro: I haven't explored much, but it measured the temperature of a pot of boiling water well. Con: Room temperature stuff was several degrees too cool. N.B. Keep in mind that the unit and phone are also glowing in IR. Measuring the temperature of anything cool is difficult.

Not bad.

Good for the money. picture quality in thermal cam makes it hard to pinpoint cold spots. Still gives you a good idea where cold spots are.