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TL4050 4 Wires RTD Temperature Probe (-58 - 392°F)

TL4050 4 Wires RTD Temperature Probe (-58 - 392°F)

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  • Product Specifications

    • Operating Temperature: -58-392℉ (-50-200℃)
    • Type: RTD Platinum resistance thermometers (PRTs) PT100, 4 Wires connection
    • Probe Material: F46
    • Accuracy: ±0.15℉ or ℃
    • Tolerance of PT100 Ω (Alpha = 0.003850 @ 0°C) , Class A : ± 0.06 Ω OR ± 0.15°C
    • Junction Type: Ungrounded
    • Tip Diameter: 0.157" (4mm)
    • Tip Length: 1.181" (30mm)
    • Wire Length: 78.74" (2000mm)   
    • Connector Type: Cold pressed terminals
    • Application: Contact-Point, Liquid & Solid Object Temperature measurement
  • Product Description

    RTDs - or Resistance Temperature Detectors - are temperature sensors that contain a resistor that changes resistance value as its temperature changes. They have been used for many years to measure temperature in a laboratory and industrial processes, and have developed a reputation for accuracy, repeatability, and stability.

    4 wire connection is the most accurate measurement. The instrument measures the lead resistance of all four lead wires removing these values for its reading


    • Fluke
    • Flir
    • Extech
    • Omega
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Seems to be in spec and works well

I tested the unit I received in a 0 °C ice bath (26.2 °C ambient) and got readings between -0.03 °C when completely submerged and +0.07 °C when submerged up to the crimp point

This is rather exceptional for such a cheap probe, however keep in mind that I only bought and tested a single unit and it might have just been a particularly good one by random chance.

Easy to use

Easy to use, stable and accurate. I added a couple of dual-banana adapters to use it with my Keysight 34465A DMM.

useful and good value for money

User-friendly, useful and good value for money