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WD0081 Anemometer
WD0081 Anemometer
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WD0081 Anemometer

WD0081 Anemometer

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High accuracy and sensitivity
● Quickly tests and records data
● Supports temperature measurement with conversion of ℃/℉
● Supports maximum/minimum value, time/data hold, low battery indication, auto power off after 15 minutes without operation
● Clear data display and convenient control buttons for easily operating
● Mini exquisite design, portable and practical

● Speed range: 196-4900ft/min; 1.00-25.00m/s; 3.6-90.0km/h; 2.24-56.0mph; 1.94-48.5.0knots
● Accuracy: ±(3%+40ft/min); ±(3%+0.20m/s); ±(3%+0.8km/h); ±(3%+0.4mph); ±(3%+0.4knots)
● Resolution: 1ft/min; 0.01m/s; 0.1km/h; 0.1mph; 0.1knots
● Temperature range/accuracy/resolution: 0~+50℃/±2℃/0.1℃
● Product dimension: 195*55*35mm
● Product weight: 150g