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TL8802 K-Type Thermocouple Roller Temperature Probe 482°F

TL8802 K-Type Thermocouple Roller Temperature Probe 482°F

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    • Measurement Range: 0~250°C (32 ~  482°F)
    • Accuracy: ±1.5°C between -40°C ~ 375°C, ±0.004 * t above 375°C
    • Bakelite head size: 55(L) X 30(W) X 19(H)mm
    • Stainless steel wheel
    • PC Grip, Length: OD 12mm X 120mmL
    • 2 M PU coiled cable in yellow with miniature connector
    • Non watertight

    Type K Roller Temperature Probe With Stainless Steel Wheel is for measuring moving,rotating, stationary surface such as outside wall of smooth plastic, steel pipes, moving conveyors in mold, textile, package, print, pc board, and paper industries.


    • Fluke
    • Flir
    • Extech
    • Omega
    • And other brands thermometers that use a K-type probe

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